press1 [ pres ] noun ***
▸ 1 newspapers etc.
▸ 2 machine for printing
▸ 3 publishing business
▸ 4 piece of equipment
▸ 5 single push on something
▸ 6 making clothes smooth
▸ 7 many people pushing
1. ) the press newspapers and news magazines:
the national/local/American/sports press
the popular/tabloid press
in the press: She has been criticized in the press for not speaking out on this issue.
a ) reporters and photographers who work for newspapers or news magazines:
She finally emerged from her home to face the press.
It's a meeting for shareholders only, and the press is excluded.
b ) only before noun relating to the press:
a crowd of press photographers
The story has received extensive press coverage (=reports in newspapers).
c ) bad/good press criticism/praise that appears in newspapers and news magazines:
The company has been getting a fairly bad press for its treatment of workers.
2. ) count a machine used for printing newspapers, books, or magazines
a ) hot off the press/presses if a newspaper, book, magazine, or piece of news is hot off the press, it has just been printed
b ) go to press if a newspaper, book, or magazine goes to press, it starts to be printed:
The news came in only minutes before the paper was due to go to press.
3. ) count a business that publishes books. This word is sometimes used in company names:
published by Harvard University Press
4. ) count a piece of equipment used for making something flat or smooth:
a steam press
a ) a piece of equipment used for crushing something or squeezing liquid out of it:
a garlic press
5. ) count usually singular a single push on something such as a button or switch:
at the press of a button (=simply by pressing a button): Internet shopping brings the store to your home at the simple press of a button.
6. ) singular an act of making clothes smooth with an iron:
give something a press: I'll just give my shirt a quick press and then I'm ready.
7. ) singular a large number of people pushing in different directions:
He pushed his way through the press of people.
press 2 [ pres ] verb ***
▸ 1 push
▸ 2 move forward
▸ 3 try to make someone do something
▸ 4 make clothes smooth
▸ 5 squeeze fruit/vegetables
▸ 6 make CDs/records
1. ) intransitive or transitive to push one thing against another:
press against: Her face was pressing against his chest.
press something against something: Children were pressing their faces against the window.
press yourself against something: They had to press themselves against the wall to let the horse pass.
press something to something: Even with the phone pressed to his ear, he couldn't hear what she was saying.
press something into something: The minister pressed a bible into his hand.
press down on something: He felt the enormous weight of the man pressing down on his back.
a ) transitive to push something such as a button or switch in order to make a piece of equipment start working:
To read your e-mail, press the return key.
Could you press the button for the third floor, please?
2. ) intransitive to move as a group by pushing together in a particular direction:
press forward: A wave of protesters pressed forward toward the building.
press around: The crowd of fans began to press more closely around them.
3. ) transitive to try in a determined way to make someone do something or tell you something:
press someone about/on something: She continued to press him on the reasons for his decision.
press someone into (doing) something: They had all been pressed into helping with the preparations for the party.
press someone to do something: Managers are being pressed to ensure safety standards are met.
a ) to try to make someone accept something such as an opinion or claim:
press a point: She gave no answer, so I didn't press the point.
press a claim: The young Duke of Normandy continued to press his claim to the English throne.
press a case: He was in Washington today to press the case for reforming tax laws.
4. ) transitive to make clothes smooth using a hot iron
5. ) transitive to squeeze fruit or vegetables in order to get juice or oil out of them
6. ) transitive to make CDs or records in a factory
press someone's arm/hand
to squeeze someone's arm or hand gently as a way of expressing friendship, sympathy, or love
press charges (against someone)
to officially accuse someone of committing a crime
press the flesh INFORMAL
if a politician or other famous person presses the flesh, they meet and shake hands with a lot of people because they want to appear friendly and popular
press something home/press home something
1. ) to repeat or explain something carefully so that you are certain someone understands it completely:
The mayor's office is expected to press home its opposition to the budget proposals.
2. ) press home your advantage to make full use of an advantage that you have over someone
press someone/something into service
1. ) to give someone a particular job or responsibility that they do not normally have:
Local people are being pressed into service to help search for the girl.
2. ) to use an object for a purpose that it was not intended for
,press a`head or ,press `on phrasal verb intransitive
to continue doing something in a determined way, despite difficulties, opposition, or interruptions:
They pressed ahead regardless of objections.
press ahead with something: We shall press ahead with our plans for reform.
`press for phrasal verb transitive
1. ) press someone for something to try in a determined way to get something from someone:
The more she pressed him for an explanation, the more he refused to speak.
2. ) press for something to try in a determined way to achieve something:
The committee also agreed to press for changes in the current financing system.
,press `on phrasal verb
1. ) intransitive same as PRESS AHEAD:
Mr. Scott ignored the comment and pressed on.
2. ) transitive press something on someone to try in a determined way to give someone something, especially something that they do not really want:
It's not fair to keep pressing chocolates on her when she's trying to diet.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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